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Best ASMR Microphones in 2019

Autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR is an experience that can be triggered by sounds such as whispering or other non-vocal noise. However, having a professional mic that records crystal clear sound isn’t paramount since there are a lot of popular ASMR video producers who create videos with questionable audio quality and still have thousands of followers.

Not all people can experience ASMR, despite the fact that common everyday activities like turning pages of a book can trigger the response. Even though you can use a low-quality microphone to record sound for your ASMR video, poor audio quality will certainly not help you achieve the desired effect. So far, microphones capable of recording clear sound with minimum levels of background noise, picking up low whispers and producing stereo or binaural effects have proven to provide the best results.

So far, microphones that can pick up low whispers, produce stereo or binaural effects have proven to produce the best results. We’ve selected some of the most popular microphones for ASMR  to help you narrow down the search for the microphone that will enable you to produce your ASMR video. Let’s have a look at some of the best options you can use to create these calming and relaxing videos.

Here are some best ASMR microphones for different user categories. For beginners (for who just starts his/her channel and short of budget), for amateurs (for who really likes make ASMR videos and plans to invest for his/her equipment), and for professionals (for who takes ASMR serious and decides to offer the best audio experience to his/her audience.)

What’s more, please do not spend any money on these ASMR microphones unless you feel you need them.

Recommendations for Best ASMR Microphones

For Starters:

Having the best ASMR microphone money can buy doesn’t guarantee the success of your videos. If you are just starting out, you can try using some of the options below that will allow you to stop worrying about the sound quality and focus on other aspects of your video.

  1. Your Smartphone

Although this may not seem like an obvious choice, a Smartphone that has a good microphone can be a perfect solution for the newcomers to the world of ASMR videos. The downside is that you can easily pick up background noises that may not be so easy to filter out in the post-production.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Great way to save money on equipment
  • Perfect for beginners


  • It’s almost impossible to filter out background noise
  • Doesn’t produce the same audio quality as real microphones
  1. Tascam DR-05 Digital Portable Recorder

Price: $99.95

The device features two built-in microphones, as well as an XLR connection slot, so you can record audio with an external microphone. Tascam DR-05 Recorder produces MP3 files that can be easily imported into any popular video editing software. This portable recorder is powered by two AA batteries that can secure up to 17 hours of recording time.


  • Low self-noise level
  • Excellent for recording brushing or tapping sounds
  • Cost-efficient


  • Uses AA batteries
  • Not the best option for recording vocals
  1. Roland CS-10EM In-Ear Monitors/Microphones

Price: $94.44

Besides enabling you to produce binaural recordings, the Roland CS-10EM model can also be used for monitoring. You can expect the high-end performance regardless of what type of ASMR video you’re working on. However, Roland CS-10EM requires a recording device and a power source which means that you’ll have to invest in additional equipment if you opt to record sound with these in-ear monitors and microphones.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Great option if you’re recording on an outdoor location


  • Questionable durability
  • Requires a power source
  1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Price: $129.00

The world’s number one USB microphone is also a superstar among the ASMR video producers. Blue Yeti can be easily attached to both Mac and PC computers and it is equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack. The microphone performs best when recording soft sounds like running water, rain, and other natural relaxing sounds.


  • Offers more than its price suggests
  • Produces studio-quality audio recordings
  • Can be used for a lot of different types of videos


  • The mic is a bit bulky
  1. Zoom H4N Pro

Price: $199.99

Primarily, Zoom’s H4N Pro is a portable audio recorder, that features two built-in stereo microphones that can record sound on four different channels. The two 1/4 inch XLR inputs enable you to record audio for your AMRS videos with more powerful external microphones. The device stores MP3 and Wav files it creates on SDHC memory cards and it also features a USB slot that enables you to transfer the files to a computer.


  • Offers remote control options
  • Multi-channel audio recordings
  • Easy to use


  • Pricy
  • Short battery life

High-end ASMR Microphones

The YouTube content creators that have a lot of experience with using professional equipment should consider purchasing some of the microphones listed below in their ASMR videos.

  1. Rode NT1-A Stereo Vocal Condenser Microphones, Cardioid

Price: $549.00

This microphone is capable of stunning performances in home environments and in studio conditions. To make things even better Rode NT1-A  is one of the quietest microphones ever created because it has a 5dBA self-noise level. The kit includes two microphones which enable you to record left and right channels separately. The Rode NT1-A is an excellent voice recording option, but it is also efficient at picking up soft relaxing sounds.


  • Offers a wide dynamic range
  • Produces amazing sound quality
  • Low self-noise level


  • Can’t be connected to a computer via USB cable
  • Breaks easily
  1. The 3Dio Free Space Pro II Binaural 3D Recording Microphone

Price: $1.999.00

Specifically designed for the creation of professional binaural videos, this powerful microphone features two DPA 4060 capsules in the dummy ears. The device produces almost no self-noise which makes it a perfect tool for the production of ASMR videos of all types. The omnidirectional pattern and a wide frequency range make the 3Dio Free Space Pro a reliable option for professionals who demand only the best from the sound recording devices they use.


  • Produces superb sound quality
  • Built for binaural audio recording


  • Too expensive for most YouTube video producers
  1. Rode NT5 Microphones

Price: $429.00

An entire kit that includes two so-called pencil microphones, two microphone stands and a pair of XLR cables can be purchased for a little over $400. A single Rode NT5 microphone costs around $200. The low-noise output makes these ‘pencil’ mics perfectly suited for recording audio in your AMRS videos. If you opt to use Rode NT5 microphones you’ll get a professional level of sound quality that is expected from devices that cost over a $1000.


  • Self-noise reduced to the minimum
  • The kit includes additional audio recording equipment
  • Cost-efficient


  • No USB connection

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