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Top 5 Best Korean ASMRtists on YouTube

ASMR videos which are recorded by Korean are very popular on YouTube. The reason for this phenomenon, on the one hand, owes to Korean girls who are sweet and gentle, on the other hand, Korean is one of the best languages suitable for ASMR.

There are 3 types of videos which are very popular in Korean ASMR community: Eating sounds, role-plays, and ear cleaning. I think it’s related to their food and culture. Most Korean food is sticky and soft, which can easily make sounds while eating. Korean girls who are good at makeup are perfect for the role-play videos like makeup, skin care.

In this article, I’m going to list the top 5 Korean ASMRtists I collected on YouTube. Please be note that this list only represents my personal view, if you have any suggestions, be free to let me know in the comment!

Top 5 Best Korean ASMRtists on YouTube

1.    Dana ASMR

Dana is one of the most popular Korean ASMRtists. She started her channel on 2013, at the start of the rise of ASMR in South Korea. Her videos are mostly in Korean but also with some in English, both are amazing. Dana is professional and she really knows what is ASMR, and she herself is an ASMR audience too. I like her actual care videos since they can give me unintentional tingles.


PPOMO publishes her ASMR videos in multiple languages including Korean, English, Spanish, Japanese and Spanish. She has earned over 1.57 million subscribers at the time of writing, and she never shows her full face in the video. In fact, I’ve found many ASMR creators choose to hide a part of their faces in the video, I think maybe they want to protect their privacy and it also adds a feeling of mysteriousness.

3.    Pigsbum53 ASMR

Pigsbum53 is pretty different from other Korean ASMRtists. Her video is not so “Delicate”, it’s homely, but can really give me a lot of tingles. Her first ASMR video was uploaded on 2011, earlier than most of the famous ASMRtist, but she has been inactive for about one year. Actually, I prefer this kind of “rough” ASMR videos.

4.    asmr jiee

I used to get addicted to her Jelly Candy eating ASMR video. Although she only has 56 videos, and she’s not that famous, her video quality is good with warm color and clear voice. I like her role-play makeup videos.

5.    Babzi ASMR

Voila, finally a male ASMRtist from Korea. Actually, his videos are not my type, because they are too intentional, tapping, whispering, cleaning. And I prefer unintentional ASMR. But if you are new to ASMR, you can still find some triggers in his videos since they are high-quality. Some of his whispering videos are great.

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  1. Awwwww, they didn’t put Etoile ASMR! He’s really good, you should check him out! His videos help you sleep, some just make you smile, and others… others make some people (likeme) feel things. But it’s a great channel either way.

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