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Top 7 Best Male ASMRtists on YouTube

Most of my ASMR video collections were from female ASMRtists, and I used to stick to female ASMR channels because I thought their voices are gentle, soft and can easily make me fall asleep. But several months ago, I happened to watch a role-play video (nails-painting) made by a little boy, wow, it gave me a surprise. Then I started to search male ASMR videos on YouTube, and I have to say that I found a new world! Male voices are relaxing and deep, and some male ASMRtists are also very professional. In this post, I going to share with you the male ASMRtists that I prefer the most. Don’t be shy to leave your recommendations in the comment section below.

Top 7 Male ASMRtists Who Will Make You Relax Well

  1. TirarADeguello

Tirar is very popular among ASMR listeners, I found his name on Reddit, and when I searched his channel on YouTube, a familiar face, which I used to ignored, popped up in front of me. I thought how could a man with this face can give me comfortable experience, LOL. Well, now I know that I was totally wrong. He’s so cute, each video was made attentively, and well designed. Just follow his “traps” and have a good sleep.

  1. Ephemeral Rift

ER’s videos are very special, some of them are even weird, I think most of his audience must be men too. I like his “Candy Man” series, but the others like “Ocean man” or something Cthulhu, I don’t get that.

  1.  MassageASMR

I have recommended Dimitri for many times, he’s well-known all around the world of ASMR! Unlike Tirar and ER, his videos are mostly massage, no-talking or whispering. What’s more, you don’t need to worry the duration, since most of his videos are long enough to take you into dream.

  1.  Dr. T ASMR

I like unintentional ASMR videos. Something like keep knocking on a bottle, or brushing the microphone doesn’t interest me. Dr. T, although is an intentional ASMR channel, his videos are trying to give you a natural experience.

  1. asmr zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is amazing, this channel is full of creativity, you can find almost any kind of ASMR videos on this channel. If you haven’t found you triggers or just looking for new tingles, his channel is a good place for you.

  1. ASMRctica ASMR

No role-play, no knocking, this ASMR channel is trying to give you relaxing and soothing experience with soft voice and painting. A little bit like Rob Ross I think.

  1. Zach ASMR

We know that ASMR triggers can be anything like voice, gesture, images, and light, etc. This ASMRtist is one of the best light ASMRtists. I thought I was only addicted to voice, but when I first saw his lighting ASMR video, I found my new trigger! But he hasn’t updated for 11 months, hope he can come back soon.


  1. Zach ASMR

    Wow! Can’t believe I’m on this list! I’m honored.

    And… I’m back!

    • Myolie

      Wow, I’m so happy you’re back! Love your videos, just keep going on!

  2. Kyle

    Check out whispersoft he’s pretty good too.

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