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Best 5 Painting/Doodling/Drawing ASMR Videos

Bob Ross might never have thought that his baritone voice and paintbrush made him an accidental pioneer of ASMR. I don’t think I ever watched him finish a painting, and it’s better to set up a big pillow that setting up a canvas when you’re watching Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting”.

There are scientists trying to figure out why Bob Ross is so soothing, I think it’s because of his peaceful and gentle voice can make people feel safe, with the tap-tap-tap sound of the paintbrush, you can totally feel relaxed and can’t help taking a snooze.

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If Bob Ross is the first one who give you tingles by painting, then here in this article, I’m going to list some of the best painting ASMR videos.

Best Painting ASMR Videos

1.   Taylor ASMR

She has made several ASMR videos about “Painting using a palette knife”, with whispers or no-talking. I thinks this is a way to express the respects to Bob Ross.

2.   ASMR Sounds by Sophie / Xcentricity Body Painting

You will love her videos if you can get tingles from slow and repeated movement. Her doodle drawing has magic which can easily make you fall asleep.

3.   Tingting ASMR

Except for oil painting, there are many other painting methods in the world. Traditional Chinese calligraphy painting can also give you lots of brush sounds, ink grinding, gentle tapping, paper sound, and more.

4.   Best Unintentional ASMR

The tingle-moment usually comes up with unintentional movement. This drawing video is filled with sketching, scribbling pencil sound, and it’s natural, no intense, which is perfect to cure ASMR immunity.

5.   Mellow ASMR

Matt’s low speaking voice along with the soft tap is very comfortable. What’s more, the content is also very interesting, you can learn something while watching.

Do you have other recommendations? Please be free to leave yours in the comment!

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