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Best Unintentional ASMR Videos

My first ASMR experience was triggered by my classmate when I was a primary student. She was sticking a piece of paper with a needle ceaselessly, and each time the needle went through the paper, I got tingles. I wanted to fall in to sleep, meanwhile, tried to stay awake to seize those sounds. I would let myself totally immersed into it forever unless she stops. So now, I know, it’s called ASMR. I have been searching for ASMR videos from time to time, but I found that some videos tagged with “ASMR” are too “intentional”, which means too many tappings, stipplings in the video and they can make you feel impatient sometimes. On the other side, some videos which made without the intent of ASMR can indeed produce effective ASMR effects, like Bob Ross’ video!

If you are like me and get tired of intentional ASMR videos (don’t get me wrong, some ASMR videos are also pretty good, it really depends on the creators.), here are some of the unintentional ASMR videos which can give you a new and exclusive experience! Please feel free to share your founds with us!

Best Unintentional ASMR Videos

  1. Press Conference Round 4: Tatiana Kosintseva (RUS) – Bela Khotenashvili (GEO)

    Those 3 girls are discussing about a chess game with very soft voices. That really works for ASMR. I think they are speaking Russian, and yes, Russian is my favorite language for ASMR.
  2. Leo Treatment Session – Nutrition Response Testing

    Although, I don’t agree with her treatment, I got a lots of triggers when she was opening the bottles 😊
  3. Tending To My Plants

    I don’t know why, but each time when the cleaning worker was watering the plant in my office, I got triggered.
  4. The Scary Real World (go ahead and tell everyone)

    I swear I will never know how to paint if I’ve got a teacher with this soft voice. LOL.
  5. Unboxing Wii U

    This is a review video made in Japanese. His pace of speaking and the gratings help quite a bit. I already set the start time at 01:15 where the unboxing part gets started.
  6. How to make a herbal formula to tonify your Yang

    Open and close the bottles unintentionally with soft and slow voice, who cares what he’s talking about.

This post will be renewed from time to time if I find new unintentional ASMR videos. And it will be great if you can share your collections in the comment below.


  1. Richard

    I find unintentional ASMR works best for me because practically all these ASMR artists as they call themselves copycat each other and I can’t seem to find a video that just talks without tapping because I cannot stand that tapping I just think if someone is talking I dont want to see and hear someone tapping there nails 50 mph it takes away from the soothing effect of the person’s voice

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