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Recommended Japanese ASMRtists and videos

It has been over half a month that I didn’t update articles. On the one hand, I was so busy with my job, on the other side, I didn’t have many inspirations. But, I went to the movie last week, it’s in Japanese. The movie was not very attractive, but I was surprised that There were many ASMR triggers in that movie, the whispering, the eating sounds, etc.

Japanese is gentle, and the pronunciation is close to the front of the mouth, it is also a language born for ASMR (Russian is still my favorite though). So, I digged into YouTube and collected some of the Japanese ASMR videos which I prefer a lot. I’m new to this Japanese world, so feel free to let me know if you have any recommendations or resources in the comment section.

  1. Latte ASMR

This video was made by a girl whose mother language is not Japanese but has been learning Japanese about several months ago. It’s OK that she doesn’t have standard pronunciation, it’s the triggers that matter.

  1. Lipstick CHANNEL

I think 80% of ASMRtists are women, but there are still some good male ASMR artists. I don’t know why, this men doesn’t have good look (just in my opinion), but his video just grabbed my heart. You can feel his passion from his video.

  1. Ranmaru ASMR

I found a very interesting thing that although Japanese ASMRtists usually have lots of views of their video, they don’t have many subscribers.

  1. 春雨asmr

This is eating ASMR video without talking. I think one of the most important things for an eating ASMR video is the food itself. Japanese food is very suitable for ASMR since its juicy.


This is a very sweet girl, and she made a lot of role-paly videos which I like the most.


  1. violet

    I recommend Yukari Kogami. He is a so-called Vtuber, but with very high quality.
    If you like it, please watch other his videos.

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