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Collection of Kid Applying Makeup ASMR Videos – Unintentional, Whispering, Tapping, Scratching, Brushing

When I was a little girl, I liked to do makeovers with my younger cousin. When she was powdering on my face with gentle whisper, or when she was playing a doctor and doing a massage on my head, I could feel the tingles around my scalp which made me sleepy (that’s weird, I really wanted to sleep, but I tried to keep awake, because I just enjoyed being immersed in this feeling). Something about it being naïve yet serious is tingle inducing. I believe some among you also have this kind of experiences.

There are many makeup roleplay ASMR videos on YouTube, but I have to say (in my personal opinion), only kids can produce those unintentional ASMR videos although they don’t even have decent equipment. I think it’s the gift only owed by child 😊

Here I listed 5 of the kid applying makeup ASMR videos which can give me much sensation of tingling. Have a good sleep.

It’s important to note that not every person will respond to ASMR in the same way.
It is nothing sexual at all.

1. YouTube Channel: Asmr Girl
Video Title: ASMR | doing my makeup w/ semi-inaudible

2. YouTube Channel: ASMR TANYA MIKI
Video Title: АСМР Триггеры ТК, СК, Черничка 💜 ASMR Асмрные слова Звуки рта

I know that it’s in Russian, and I don’t understand it either. But ASMR is about the pronunciation instead of the meaning of the language, isn’t it? Actually, I think Russian is the best language for ASMR. She’s so great, the mouth sound made me feel so comfortable. And she uses the Apple headphone microphone!

3. YouTube Channel: Niki Channel
Video Title: ASMR: Мой макияж

Another cute Russian girl, many unintentional triggers.

4. YouTube Channel: Ellie ASMR
Video Title: ASMR doing your eyebrows

This is very beautiful girl, mixed white and Asian. Actually, it’s not a “Whispering”video, but her voice is very unique. Just keep watching, and you will fall asleep very quickly.

5. YouTube Channel: Eseniya ASMR

This girl is really a good talker, she has a lot of makeup ASMR videos on her channel, and many of them are very effective. This video is one of my favorites. There are some noises in the middle of the video, but it doesn’t affect the overall quality.

Do you want to combine all the triggers together into one video, to make an exclusive ASMR video for yourself? Check my latest article here.

Do you guys have any kids ASMR videos to share? Let’s me know in the comment section.

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