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Best Unintelligible/Inaudible ASMR Channels

inaudible asmr

Before we get started, let’s figure out the differences between inaudible and intelligible.

Inaudible: can’t be heard, so inaudible ASMR videos would have no audio at all.

Unintelligible: can be heard but so indistinct that meaning cannot be made from it.

But when you tap Inaudible ASMR in YouTube, you will find that most of the videos do have audio. So I guess, people just treat “inaudible”; and “unintelligible”; as the same thing when talking about ASMR.

Thus, inaudible or unintelligible asmr are the string meaningless sounds like a language that doesn’t exist or the whispers so quiet that the listeners can only make out the percussion of the words but not quite know what’s the meaning. (Source: Reddit)

Like I said in this article “Best Russian ASMRtists“, I prefer watching ASMR videos that are not in my native language, so that I don’t know what are they talking about, it can also be regarded as an unintelligible asmr for me.

In this article, I’d like to introduce some of my favorite unintelligible/inaudible asmr channels. Don’t be hesitated to share your list in the comment below!


CCY is very unique, she’s video resolution quality is always low, but that’s why her videos can give me a lot of triggers. Almost all of her videos are unintelligible role-play asmr videos. As she described in her channel: she tries to make unintentional asmr videos, and tapping or knocking is just her thing!

  1. FemaleASMR

I have recommended Female ASMR for many times. She’s also very creative, and tries to make things unintentional. Since she’s from Germany, so her language is just “unintelligible” for me.

  1. Gentle Whispering ASMR

One of the top tiers of ASMR world. Although her strength is the gentle whispering, I love her inaudible asmr videos the most. By the way, she speaks Russian too.

  1. Ephemeral Rift

I recommended his channel in the article “Best male asmrtists“. His video has high audio quality, and always brings you surprise.

The list will keep updating when I find new channels, please feel free to tell me your collections

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