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360 VR videos – The Future of ASMR?

Many ASMR audiences including me prefer ASMR videos comparing to ASMR audio, because video can bring us visual and auditory experience, so I wandered what it would be if ASMR meets with virtual reality since a 360 degree video may bring a more immersive experience?
I searched “virtual reality asmr” and “360 asmr” on YouTube, and this video which has got over 3 million views came to me:

Can you feel something different from normal ASMR videos? Or do you like this 360 degree ASMR video? For me, I like this video but not because it’s a 360 degree video, just because the content was great, it brought me many triggers. I don’t know if the experience would be better if I put on a VR headset, but I don’t think a heavy headset will give me a comfortable experience (check these headphones best for ASMR).
Ally from ASMRrequest was one of my favorite ASMRtist, and I really enjoyed her role-play videos (she’s great all the time, but now I’ve got some ASMR immunity on her videos ) . And she was one of the first ASMRtists who tried making 360 degree ASMR videos (the video above was recorded 3 year ago). But you can see that she hasn’t made 360 degree videos for long time, on the one hand, I think, perhaps, recording and editing a 360 degree video is much more complicated, on the other hand, the result turned out to be not that satisfying.
In fact, I’m pretty optimistic about the combination of VR and ASMR, and I think VR will enhance the tingles ( imagine that your favorite ASMRtist just serves you as she/he stay by your side! )
But, today’s technique is far from supporting an immersive experience for ASMR audiences (I even feel dizzy while wearing a VR headset for several minutes). I really hope one day, ASMR can be experienced by more and more people, and I believe VR can make this happen in advance.
Here are some popular 360 degree ASMR videos, check them out if you are interested.

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