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Best Common ASMR Triggers

ASMR, which means autonomous sensory meridian response, is a life-changing sensation. It can cause a pleasurable feeling which relax you and even help you fall asleep. Different people have different triggers. If you are like me, who have already found the triggers that work very well, then you’re very lucky. However, there are those who haven’t found their triggers, which asks whether they are able to experience ASMR and how could they find their triggers.

In this article, I going to list over 10 ASMR triggers accompanied by video samples. Whether you want to explore new triggers or struggle to find your ASMR triggers, it may give you some inspirations.

Best common ASMR triggers

Before enjoying those ASMR triggers, please put on a comfortable ASMR headphone and find a quiet place.


This is the most common ASMR trigger. I got my first ASMR trigger by hearing the whisper of my classmate. Whispering can be accompanied by role-playing, makeup routine, book reading, etc. and you don’t have to understand the meaning of the words, which means it can be inaudible or unintelligible. I don’t know Russian, but I think Russian is one of the best languages for creating ASMR triggers.


The sound of Bob Ross’ baritone voice made him an accidental guru of ASMR:

Chewing and eating

The mouth sound can really stimulate chills, but it depends on what kind of food the artist is eating, for examples, Swedish candy, chips, Macaron, noodles, etc. I personally like to watch fried chicken wings eating videos.


Tapping and Scratching

Scratching and tapping are well-known ASMR triggers. The ASMR-artist taps on the objects in their hand and scratches the surface with nails. But for me, I don’t like this intentional tapping, it only works for me when it happens unintentionally.


I first recognized this trigger when I was taking a math exam. The teacher was opening the paper bag, and I almost fell asleep during the examination!

Eye contact

This is very common in role-play ASMR videos.

Hand movements

I strongly recommend Dimitri when it comes to hand movements ASMR videos


I think you can also be addicted to the rustle created between pen and paper.

Page flipping
I think you can also be addicted to the rustle created between pen and paper.

Light touch and massage

Fe(male) ASMR is a excellent ASMR channel which produces many high-quality body touching, checking ASMR videos.

Hair playing

How to find your own ASMR triggers

To find out your ASMR trigger, there is no quick way. You have to search and listen around to determine what works for you. Before getting started, you can track your childhood memories to find the events or moments caused tingles, like hearing specific sounds or receiving a treatment. Then you can concentrate on these triggers and search for them online.

  1. Search ASMR video on YouTube

You will be surprised by the unlimited number of videos on YouTube focusing on different types of ASMR triggers, whispering, role-playing, light-touching, etc. You might find some videos boring if you don’t understand ASMR, but miracles are sprinkled in those videos for ASMR amateurs.

  1. Enter ASMR communities

Although ASMR is not known by everyone in the world, this is really a large group. You will find lots of blogs, forums which gathering ASMR amateurs together, and you will get many useful suggestions and inspirations there. Like r/WooASMR, r/unintentionalASMR, r/ASMR in reddit.

  1. Pay attention to your body reaction

Paying more attention to your body and how it reacts to stimuli around you, and you can easily recognize the triggers you missed out before.

Let me know your triggers in the comment below!


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