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How Could ASMR Help You Sleep

I do have good sleep at night, and the reason I like ASMR isn’t because it can help me fall asleep, but the tingles it can bring to me. Actually, I usually force myself to stay awake to feel the tingles. That is a paradox. On the one side, I want to enjoy more tingles, on the other side, the tingles make me fall asleep quickly. But for some people, they usually rely on ASMR to have a good sleep. My cousin has to listen to ASMR audios every night to help him fall asleep. So, does ASMR really help you sleep, and how could it help you sleep, what’s the best way to enjoy the ASMR?

In this article, I’m going to share some of my ideas with you on how could ASMR help you sleep, don’t be shy to share your thoughts with me in the comment below.

How Could ASMR Help You Sleep Well

More than 30% of adults in America suffer from insomnia. Having difficulty sleep can contribute to serious health problems, like anxiety, stress, and depression. But you don’t have to make yourself immersed into the sleepless night. By making some changes, for example, reading some books, getting up from bed and having a deep meditation, taking a walk in the garden to feel the peaceful night, can help you feel much better. And ASMR can also be a good way to put a stop to the frustration of insomnia.

Although there is lack of strong evidence for the effectiveness of ASMR as a treatment method, more and more audiences provide us with facts that ASMR is a great self-soothing tool that gives us many benefits.

How to better enjoy ASMR to help you sleep well

You can get ASMR experience by external stimulus as well as internal stimuli like imagination and meditation. But not all the ASMR tingles are stimulated by the same triggers. There are different types of ASMR triggers, and some people will find they respond strongly to one while having a muted or even no reaction to others, so you have to find the triggers work for you.

If you have already found your triggers, then you are very lucky, just let yourself get immersed into it (see how to combine all the triggers into one video in this article). But if you haven’t, you can train yourself to experience it:

  1. Do a lot of search to common ASMR triggers, and expose yourself repeatedly to them.
  2. Notice usual things and you can find miracles around you. I found my triggers when I have my face brushed by my cosine.
  3. Be patient while searching.

Where to find AMSR that works for you

Today, when we talking about ASMR, the first thing comes into mind is the YouTube videos. If you make a quick search on YouTube, it will give you hundreds and thousands of ASMR videos, so how to decide which will be your personal preference?

Well, you can check one by one just like me. Put the keywords (like role-play, lip gloss review, etc.) into YouTube search bar, and start from the most viewed videos. The views can be a proof that many people like it, and it has been watched over and over again.

Or, you can go to reddit’s sub categories like r/unintentionalASMR, r/WooASMR to check the videos upvoted or submit your demands and ask others for recommendations.

Tips and tricks for a better ASMR experience

  1. A comfortable headphone

It’s very important to feel comfortable while listening to ASMR videos, especially for a good sleep. There are sleeping headphones which are designed for ASMR. Most of them are pretty cheap, and since ASMR doesn’t require the best sound quality, you can really take a lot of benefits from this kind of headphone.

  1. Combine triggers together

Not all the triggers are included in one videos, and sometimes, there are unwanted parts in an ASMR video. You can make an exclusive ASMR video by combining all the triggers together. Then, you can totally get immersed into your own ASMR world. Check how to do it here.

  1. Save the videos – very important!

When you’ve found an ASMR videos that you really like, I totally recommend you to save them in your device, because you might find one day the video has been deleted by its owner for personal reasons. That’s a disaster, don’t ask me why! See how to download ASMR videos here.

  1. Take a break

Some people find that the tingles brought by ASMR diminishes over time. You might find that your exclusive videos stop working for you, and ASMR videos that do work become harder and harder to find. At this point, you should take a break.

Hope this article can help you improve your ASMR experience, and feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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