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How to Become an ASMRtist

Most of us are just the audiences of ASMR videos, but have you ever wanted to make ASMR videos by yourself or become an ASMR artist (ASRMtist)? For me, I have my own triggers, and I’m not always so lucky to find the ASMR videos suit me best, even from my favorite ASMRtist, so I usually make ASMR videos for myself, at the same time, I also wanted to share my tingles with the others. If you are like me, let’s get started and grow up together.

How to Become an ASMRtist

Find your niche

Although, we are already located in ASMR, there are many small niches in ASMR. Eating sounds, whispering, role-play, no-speaking, etc. For example, SAS ASMR concentrates her content on Eating mouth sound videos, while Tony Bomboni ASMR puts his focus on role-play content. It’s very important to find your own niche, so that your viewers will know whether your channel is the one he or she’s looking for and get subscribed. What’s more, having a clear positioning will help you better plan your topics.

Video ideas

There are many ways you can get videos ideas from:

Check other creators channel, see what they are making, write down the topics you’re also very interested in.

Collect feedbacks from the comments of your audiences, their suggestions can be the best inspirations.

Search YouTube to check the hottest topics other ASRMtist are making.


To record an ASMR video, you don’t need to have professional equipment, you can even record the video by your phone. The most important thing is to find a quiet environment and play with the triggers.

In fact, you can find that there are many little girls making ASMR videos only with their smartphone, and the result turns to be good.

Here I listed the best microphones and headphones for ASMR videos.


It important to edit your video before uploading to your channel, since there might be unwanted footage in the video like a sudden loud noise. A basic simple video editor is enough. What I use is a light video editing software called Filmora. You can check this article to see how to reduce background noise for an ASMR video.

How to get your videos known by others

  1. The title and description of your video is very important, the audiences can find your video by searching the keywords in YouTube, or being recommended to your video if your video is related to the content he or she’s looking for. If you don’t know how to optimize the title and description, you can learn it from other ASMR channels. Just keep learning!
  2. Leave your video link in ASMR communities like Reddit, invite people to watch your video.
  3. Share your video on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  4. Cooperate with other ASMR artist.

Can you make money from ASMR videos?

It depends on you. Not all ASMR artists seek money, they do that for sharing their triggers, and offering good content to help their audiences have good experience. But, those who monetize their channel are not doing the wrong thing, they are creators, they need money to upgrade the microphone, camera, etc. They deserve to get paid, and most of their viewers even feel happy to see their be-liked creator can make money from what she/he had put a lot of effort on.

There are many ways to make money from ASRM videos:

YouTube Ads:

YouTube Ads is the basic way you can make money from. ASMR video is very special from other types of videos on YouTube, it can be re-played by many times even be bookmarked by many viewers if it’s useful. So it’s easier for an ASMR video to get more views comparing with another video. A sum of money can be made through Ads.

But, as we said above, ASMR video is special, it’s a peaceful and quiet experience with gentle and low-whisper, the Ads can burden your viewers with loud, distracting voices.

Accept donation through Paypal and Patreon account

Your audience may not be able to accept the Ads, but they’d be very happy to donate you to show their support and appreciation to you. They may ask for your Patreon or Paypal account to support you. It’s OK to ask for help, especially for some ASMRtist who don’t have full-time job, for example, a student. That will encourage you to make more content for your viewers, and that can build a tighter connection between you and your audiences.

Sell content on iTunes or Spotify

If you already have certain audience base (loyal fans), and you are quite confident for your content, then, you can sell your work on some platforms like iTunes or Spotify.

Just remember that, making money is not easy for all of us, if you want to make more money, you must put more effort on your content.


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