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How to Combine ASMR Videos Together – Enjoy All the Triggers in One Video

As we all know that everyone’s personal ASMR triggers vary slightly, what works for other people don’t mean it will work for you as well. For example, I really enjoy whispering makeup role-play videos, while I can’t feel any tingle from tongue shaking videos. What’s more, the triggers also change over time. I used to be very sensitive to the triggers made by experienced ASMR artists, but now, I’m addicted to unintentional triggers made by kids, newbies.

So, not all the videos are perfect for you. You may find that some parts are boring, or some parts’ sound is too loud which can totally ruin the whole ASMR experience. Then, how about deleting the unwanted parts and combining/merging all the wonderful triggers from different videos into one to make a super ASMR video just for you? Sounds awesome right? Here I will show you how I made this exclusive ASMR video!

How to Combine ASMR Videos – Step by Step Tutorial

The tools you may need:

  • A computer with good performance
  • A video downloader
  • A video editing software

Step 1: Get the videos prepared

First of all, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to include in the video. Let’s assume that you already have created an ASMR favorite playlist in you YouTube account, and you know what are the favorite parts in each of the video. Then, download those videos into your computer. There are many free YouTube video downloaders in the market, check this article to choose the one you like.

Let’s take https://www.clipconverter.cc/ as an example.

Copy and paste the YouTube video’s URL into the “Video URL to Download” column, and click “Continue”.

After a few seconds (the time duration depends on the video file size), it will generate different download options. I usually choose High Definition (720p). And choose the conversion format you want the video to be exported. MP4 is one of the most popular video formats which supported by the most of video editing software. So, let’s just choose MP4. Then, it also allows you to choose the conversion’s starting and ending time, but I suggest to keep the whole video converted since we can process this step in the video editing software easily.

Now, hit Start, and the conversion will be quickly completed. And you can find the file’s information like name, source and size on the result page. Click “Download”, and the only thing left to do is waiting for the download to finish.

You can continue to download another video by clicking “Convert another video” button.

Since it’s a free tool, it doesn’t offer some advanced features like 4k conversion or batch download. You can try some shareware like Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to make your work efficient.

Step 2: Delete unwanted parts

Now, all the videos are downloaded to your computer. You need a video editing software to edit those videos, to delete the boring, loud, or noisy parts, and combine all the triggers together!

The video editing software I use is Filmora, it’s a paid video editor, I bought it several years ago, and $59.99 for a lifetime license is pretty reasonable compared with other video editors. If you are a Mac user, you’re lucky to have a built-in free and good for beginners’ video editing application – iMovie. In this guide, I’m going to show you how to edit videos in Wondershare Filmora, but you can apply the skills you will learn here in other video editing programs. (You can try the free version to get used to the editing process, but the exported video will be covered by a watermark which can be removed by purchasing a license.)

  1. Double-click on Filmora’s desktop icon, and choose Full feature mode:

  1. Register the video editor by clicking the Register Button.
  2. Create a new project

Go to the File menu and click on the New Project option, and select the aspect ratio you like. In general, 16:9 is the standard aspect ratio both for computer and mobile devices.

  1. Import the download video file into Filmora.

The Import button locates in the top left corner of the video editor, click on it and choose the Import Media Files option and then navigate to the location on your computer’s hard drive where the downloaded videos are stored. Select the videos and click on the Import button.

  1. Drag the video files into the timeline and remove the unwanted parts

Drag the video files from the Media tab, and place them on the timeline. You can add as many video clips as you want, but each new file you add will be placed after the previous one (in the main video timeline ), and in order to rearrange them, you have to drag the files to the desired position on the timeline.

Preview the video footage by hitting Play button or pressing Spacebar, then you will know which parts are redundant and which parts you want to remain. Place the playhead in the exact position where the part of the video you’d like to delete starts, and click the little “scissor” icon, and then perform the same action at the other end, then hit the “trash” icon next to the “scissor” icon to delete this part.

Step 3: Export and transfer

Just preview the video footage in the timeline to make sure that you have included all the triggers and deleted all the unwanted part. Select them all, and click on the Export button. In the Output menu, choose MP4 and give a title to the video and select the folder on your hard drive where the video will be exported.

Now, you have the ASMR video exclusive for yourself! You can transfer it to your mobile phone, or upload it to your social media account (be sure that it may cause some copyright issue if the videos used are owed by others, so it would be better for your personal use).

Do you have any questions or suggestions about how to combine ASMR videos? Please feel free to leave me a message!


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