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How to Cure ASMR Immunity

I have been getting braingasm tingles, on and off, for about 5 years. But the fading of ASMR tingles are getting increasingly apparent over time. Many people in this community also have come across this problem. This happens with a lot of things that make you feel good.

As an ASMR enthusiast, I never wanted to lose my ASMR tingles. So I have tried many ways to cure the ASMR immunity, and some of them really works for me. If you also find that the ASMR triggers no longer affect you in the same way that they used to, this article may help you get the tingles back.

I cannot guarantee this will work for everyone to cure their immunity. Please be free to let me know your thoughts in the comment at the bottom of the article.

Note: In my opinion, ASMR can’t cure serious insomnia, it just assists people who can feel the triggers to fall asleep quickly and smoothly. So you have to go to the doctor if you’re really in trouble with sleep.

How to Cure ASMR Immunity

I have collected tons of ASMR videos on YouTube, and even save them to my iPhone for using at night to relax and get into sleep. I used to watch them every night, but I’ve noticed that it’s harder for me to feel my tingles. The video I thought was great yesterday, turns to be awful today. That made me feel anxious and impatient especially when I was planning to have a good sleep with my collections. I wanted to figure out what causes this, and how to deal with this issue. Here are the methods I found:

1. Stop watching for a long period

When I feel the tingles become scarce, I will force myself to stop for a period. I will read some books, or watch some videos completely unrelated to ASMR. It’s though harder to feel asleep without tingles, comparing with the upset by watching an ASMR video but feel no tingles, it’s much better.

2. Try something new

My triggers vary over time, I used to like intentional ear eating sound. But now, unintentional, unexpected videos or experiences are my drugs. So, give a try to something you never had. For example, you used to like female ASMRtists then, some male ASMRtists could give you completely new experience; you used to addict to English channel then, Russian would be a new world.

Here is a video which collects the triggers I like the most. Hope it can give you some help.

3. Change the way you listen

I usually got lots of tingles on my office computer, but I can’t get it anymore from the same video while laying down in bed and listen with my phone. It’s weird, and hard to explain why. So, maybe you can try watching or listening an ASMR video on a computer with a different headphone.

Although I love ASMR, I don’t think that relying too much on ASMR is a good thing. Why not just let it be. Someday you will find that it comes back bringing you a new experience.

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