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How to Reduce Background Noise for ASMR videos

How to define the noises in an ASMR video? For me, I don’t mind white noises because it might be beneficial for a good ASMR experience. The “Noise” for me in an ASMR video is like bumping the camera, dropping something or vehicles passing, etc. But for many others, they like pure sounds. In this article. I will introduce you some methods on how to remove “sudden” background noises as while as white noises before or after recording.

Reduce Backgroud Noise Before Recording

If you make ASMR videos by yourself, you can control the noises before recording. Even though you don’t have advanced microphone or camera, you can make a good ASMR video. Keep in mind that ASMR isn’t about equipment and editing, it’s just about you, and it can be a wonderful way to connect with others all over the world.

    1. Environment is key. Even with the built-in mic on a phone or camera, you can make better videos by recording in the right place. For example, the room should be small to avoid echo, and it’s better to cover the floor or the wall with carpets or blankets to reduce the white noise and background noise.
    2. Turn everything off. Turn off your washing machine, air conditioner, fans, or anything that make noise in your room.
    3. A pop filter or foam windscreen is critical. Since we usually use soft/whisper voice to record ASMR videos, it’s very important to direct your voice or sound towards the diaphragm of the microphone or your voice won’t be significantly above the noise, but it can also cause some “p” or “b” sound of the human voice. A pop filter or foam windscreen is designed to block it.

  1. Purchase a microphone that has low internal noise Check the best microphones for ASMR recordings here.

Reduce Backgroud Noise After Recording

In fact, you can block out 90% of noise if the tips above can be done correctly. But not all things can be perfect. For example, you can’t afford carpets and blankets, or a sudden sound just occurred while you’re recording. Then, you can remove the noise by trying the tool and tips below.

Audacity – tool for removing or reducing background noise

Audacity is a free, open source as well as powerful audio editing software, it can help you reduce, remove, or adjust the background noise with ease.

Step 1: Download and install Audacity here: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/

Step 2: Import the video file into Audacity, it will load the audio file from the video

Step 3: Highlight the first few seconds you recorded without talking or doing anything, then go to Effect tab and select “Noise Reduction”, start with the defaults, and click on “Get Noise Profile”. Click “OK” button and you have now reduced the majority of background noise.

Step 4: Select the whole audio file (press Ctrl+A), go back to Effect > Repeat Noise Reduction, that will remove all the background noise for the whole audio file.

Step 5: Click “Preview” to check whether the noise has been removed. If yes, click “OK” and then export your MP3 file from Audacity.

Step 6: Open you video editing software, and drag your video into it. Delete the original sound and add the mp3 file you just exported from Audacity. Remember to keep these two tracks aligned.
Keep in mind that it’s better to keep in mind that white noise is quite helpful to ASMR videos.
Now, you have got an audio file with reduced noise. You can check the video below to see more detailed information.

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