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Interview with Zach ASMR – One of the Best Light ASMRtists

I was so lucky to have a chance to get contacted with Zach, one of my favorite male ASMRtists who can generate amazing light triggers. And thanks for Zach who’s so kind to accept my interview suggestion, then we got this article here, from which you will get a deeper understanding about Zach and the ASMR world.

Note: the italics are my point of view to each answer.

1. How would you personally describe the ASMR?

If you are lucky enough to experience ASMR then I don’t think anyone needs to describe it to you. For those who don’t experience it, well that is hard to explain. I think the most used description is probably the best, a tingling sensation starting on the scalp and progressing down the spine in a wave. The problem is the word “tingling” is not very definitive for someone that doesn’t experience it. It is slightly similar to when your arm or leg falls asleep, but not as strong.

I agree with that since I found it’s hard to explain ASMR to my friends who don’t have that experience, some of them think it’s weird.

2. When did you find your ASMR experience (I experience ASMR when I was a kid, but I didn’t know what it is)?

My first ASMR experience I can remember was in Second Grade listening to the teacher reading a story to the class. We were all sitting on the rug listening and I experienced the tingling from head down my spine. I remember trying to re-create it, I thought it was the way I was sitting or somethinglike that.

I think most of people got their first ASMR experience on the class, LOL.

3. What are your ASMR triggers (except lights)?

Lights are definitely the big one for me, but I find that it varies all the time. Hand movements are another one, especially when they go along with close personal attention, such as energy pulling, reiki, etc.. I’ll also get triggered from new things unexpectedly, which is sometimes the best.

4. Do you get ASMR from your own videos?


Me neither, I tried to make some ASMR videos to help myself to get into sleep, but it doesn’t work.

5. How did you come up with the idea for the YouTube Channel ZachASMR? Or what inspired you?

When I started watching ASMR (2012) there was a lot less people doing it and I felt that the amount of content out there was limited. I figured I wasn’t the only one looking. Rather than just complain about the lack I would be a small part of the solution and start creating too (2015). Now the community is so large there is a wonderful abundance of content, I’m always finding new creators.

Although ASMR is still a small niche compared to others on YouTube, there are more and more creators rush into this domain, and it’s still not easy to find the one you like.

6. Does people around you know your Channel, and how do they respond to ASMR?

Yes, most of my family and close friends know. They all think it is funny. I wonder if some of them get ASMR and are just embarrassed to admit it.


7. Where/How did you collect your video inspirations, since it’s hardto come up with new video ideas, just like blogging

I have lots of ideas and also get lots of requests for videos, so I have a pretty good list. Often times I get inspiration from watching other ASMRtists. I’ll notice a little piece of what they are doing and think “I can expand on that”, or “What if that was done this way?”. I think this is the way lots of people get ideas too.

8. Do you have something interesting to share while you’re recording videos, for example, did you feel shy or embarrassed while recording your first ASMR video?

I don’t really get embarrassed and I’m not a very shy person. My personality varies in different settings, some people that know me say that I like to be the center of attention, then others say that I’m a quiet person. I camera… well… I can be whoever I want to be, there are no limits. I have kept things pretty normal so far, but I have plans to start exploring more characters…

That’s what I lack…

9. Will you consider doing other types of ASMR video like Eating, Tapping, etc?

Yes to other types of triggers. I have done some tapping videos, crinkle videos and some role plays and I’m willing to try other things. It is extremely unlikely that I will do any eating videos. Just not my thing.

10. What do you want to say to your subscribers?

Expect more varied videos in the future. I have planned videos that are very different than anything I’ve done before. Don’t worry though, I’ll still be doing lights too.

Let’s stay tuned!

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