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How to Start Earning Money on ASMR Videos

make money with asmr videos

We deal with stress in our working environments, in traffic or at home almost every day, which is the reason why so many people feel the need to relax and let go of daily troubles. AMSR videos started attracting the attention of an online audience, only a few years ago, and today they are of the fastest growing trends on YouTube.

So, if you are looking to find out more about the ways to monetize your ASMR video views, you’ve come to the right place, because in this article we are going to show you how to start earning money on ASMR videos.

make money with asmr videos

How to Make Money with ASMR Videos?

Attracting large audiences online and becoming a successful ASMR artist is anything but easy because it requires continuous effort and dedication. Before you create a new YouTube channel to which you would like to upload ASMR videos, you must first decide which type of AMSR video you want to create.

Tapping, whispering, light or roleplaying are all considered ASMR triggers, but each of them attracts a different audience. Most YouTubers theme their ASMR videos differently and combine several triggers in each new video they upload to their channels. Gaining recognition within the ASMR community takes time since, so you shouldn’t expect to start generating lots of traffic at first.

Instead of focusing on the number of views, clicks, comments or likes you should concentrate your efforts on producing the content that stands out from the crowd and networking with the ASMR video creators whose work you appreciate. As your channel slowly grows the videos you create will begin to produce income from ad views or sponsorships. However, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the monetization system of the platform to which you upload your ASMR videos.

earn money on youtube with asmr videos

Find Your ASMR Niche

Reaching thousands of viewers is much easier if you know exactly which type of audience you would like to attract. The size of the audience ASMR videos are attracting has been growing in size over the course of the last decade, but the ASMR community has also grown more diverse. That’s why you need to choose a niche of ASMR videos you want to create, and then build a following within that niche.

According to Google, more than 70% of people who view ASMR content are aged between 18 and 24, which gives you a better overview of the demographic this type of online videos attracts.

On the other hand, YouTube’s or Twitch’s ASMR community focuses on ASMR’s auditory aspects that have a contemplative and relaxing effect on the listener. However, you should keep in mind that gaming, fashion or travel videos still attract more viewers, and generate much more revenue from ad views and ad clicks on YouTube than ASMR videos.

Build a Loyal Base of Followers

More than 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. This statistic alone shows just how much competition anyone who wants to earn money on YouTube is facing. Starting a new channel on YouTube in 2019 and building a massive following isn’t easy as it was in the early 2010s.

Some ASMR artists already have millions of subscribers to their YouTube channel, and commenting on their videos or collaborating with them can help you gain more followers. Besides uploading videos to your YouTube channel, you can also live stream ASMR videos on Twitch, which can assist you in reaching a wider audience and generating income from the content you share online. Nonetheless, you are not going to be able to monetize your ASMR videos, through AdSense until your accounts have fewer than a thousand followers or less than 400 watch hours.

Use Professional Audio and Video Recording Equipment

Triggering ASMR can prove to be a challenging task if the quality of the audio in your videos doesn’t meet the industry standards. The equipment ASMR artists use to create their videos is slightly different from the standard YouTube equipment list. The major difference is that you are going to need at least two, and preferably more microphones to achieve an acceptable level of ASMR sound quality.

In addition, the light setup, the quality of the footage your camera is capturing or the objects you’re using to trigger ASMR can all assist you in creating videos you can monetize. Each step of the video production process from writing a script to editing the footage you recorded is equally important since even slightest mistakes can make a huge impact on the quality of the final cut of your ASMR video and ultimately the number of views and likes that video is going to get.

Produce New Content Regularly

Even though the audience for ASMR videos has expanded considerably in the last few years, maintaining and expanding your follower base won’t be possible if you don’t upload new content regularly. Uploading at least one or two new videos each week will enable you to acquire new subscribers as well as retain the existing ones. Moreover, with each new video you upload, you extend the number of possible sources of income you can generate through your YouTube or Twitch channel.

Recommending a product to your viewers or including a promo link in a video’s description are also some of the techniques ASMR artists use to generate extra income from the channels they are running. Reaching the minimum requirements to join the AdSense should be your first goal when you start a new ASMR channel because it is the first step towards earning money on ASMR videos.


Even though ASMR videos are currently at the peak of their popularity, amassing millions of subscribers is still a slow process that takes months and even years. However, the audience for ASMR videos has never been larger, which means that now may be the right time to start producing ASMR content and earn money from it. Are you earning money from your ASMR videos? Leave a comment below and share your experiences with me.

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