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Talking or No-talking, Which Kind of ASMR Videos Do You Prefer?

As I always emphasized, ASMR is a very personal thing. For example, I found a lot of negative comments under the mukbang ASMR video which I like very much. Those haters even didn’t know that they were watching an ASMR video while they were complaining about the mouth sound.

Even people know what they are watching, they still have different preferences, like when watching a makeup role-play ASMR video, someone prefers whispering while someone prefers no talking.

For me, I like both talking and no talking ASMR videos, it all depends on if there are enough triggers to make me relax in that video.

For example, the well-known ASMRtist Dimitri (MassageASMR) has made a lot of great ASMR videos with no talking sounds, but in his video, you will always find many visual or other audible triggers.

And whispering can just make the video even better when it plays as one of the triggers in the whole work.

Another no-talking ASMRtist is FemaleASMR, she’s trying to make unintentional ASMR videos, and you will find that her videos are very natural without intentional tapping or clicking. Also, her videos with whispering are very relaxing.

Talking sounds can also make the experience worse if the ASMRtist can’t handle it well. The experience could be destroyed when they are saying boring or stupid things even it’s unintentional.

But I’ve found a way to solve this issue – watching videos on foreign languages! Like Russian, Germany, Korean, etc. Russian is my first choice for a whispering ASMR video!

If you prefer no-talking ASMR videos, you can find more in Reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/nowhisper

Do you have any other talking or no-talking ASMRtists to recommend? Please feel free to let us know in the comment below!

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